Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

What is Breast Lift (Mastopexy)?

This is a surgical procedure to uplift and improve the appearance of the drooping and sagging female breasts. The female breast over time looses its youthful shape and firmness due to aging, pregnancies, breast feeding and weight fluctuations. The breasts may start to droop and sag affecting a woman’s image and self-confidence. The breast lift, also called mastopexy, restores the firmness and shape of the breast. This is accomplished by excising some of he loose skin without affecting the volume that exists. In profile the breast looks more youthful, firm, and uplifted after this operation.

This cosmetic procedure improves the female breast which:
• has loose skin, sags and is pendulous
• has lost its elasticity and has an elongated shape
• the nipple is sagging in a dependent position and looks downward

This cosmetic procedure corrects the skin redundancy and restores a more youthful appearance to the breast and better projection especially in profile.

This operation is appropriate for those women who:
• have no medical problems
• are not smokers (and if they are must be willing to stop around the time of surgery)
• have realistic expectations, positive outlook and specific goals to improve their body image

Where do I start?

An initial consultation with Dr. Thoma is a good point to start. In this consultation you will be informed about the procedure, and how this will enhance your appearance. The consultation will include:
• a discussion of your expectations and an assessment of your breasts
• a discussion of the various techniques available for breast lift and approaches to your problem
• the expected outcome from this type of surgery and the possible complications
• the general plan for the surgery
At this consult you will be given the opportunity to ask any relevant questions regarding the procedure.

The Evaluation Process

The success of the surgery will depend to a great degree on your outlook of life and your physical health. These will be assessed during the initial consultation and in subsequent visits. The overall success of the surgery will also depend on the following:

• the extent of sharing your expectations honestly with Dr. Thoma
• you fully disclose your medical and surgical history, and any prescribed or “off the shelf” medications you take including herbal or vitamin supplements, alcohol, smoking or other drugs
• your commitment to listen and follow Dr. Thoma’s recommendations and advice

Safety in Breast Lift

If you follow Dr.Thoma’s instructions, then you will have taken an important step to ensure a safe procedure. Dr. Thoma is a certified plastic surgeon by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. This certification designates surgeons who trained in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

My Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Dr. Thoma will discuss the types of techniques used to rejuvenate and uplift your breasts. This surgery can have very dramatic improvement in your appearance. The breasts can only be uplifted by excising the sagging and redundant skin. Sometimes breast lift alone may not provide you with your expected firmness as the existing volume of your breasts may not be adequate. In such situations the placement of breast implants may be necessary. On these occasions breast enlargement and breast lift are done simultaneously. Some scarring is expected after this surgery. As the scars mature, they become less visible with time. There are two common procedures used, depending on the size of your breast and the amount of excess skin. They leave two different types of scars. The first leaves an inverted T shaped scar and the other leaves a vertical scar only from the nipple to the breast fold.

Preparation for Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Dr.Thoma will explain the operation that you and he agree will most likely provide you with the best cosmetic result. You will be given a prescription of an antibiotic and pain medications so you don’t have to worry about it on the day of the surgery. You will be told which activities are permissible and which are not after the surgery and for how long. You will also be educated on the care of your breasts until you recover. Instructions will be given to you on what to do in the event of an unlikely complication, such as infection or bleeding.

After Surgery

After surgery there will be dressings on the breasts. You will be accompanied home by one of your relatives or friends. You will be given an appointment for the next office visit, usually within one week. You are expected to sponge bathe and leave the breast dressings dry until you are assessed in one week.


The recovery and healing process is a gradual one. You are expected to be up walking around the same day as the surgery. You need to avoid strenuous activities until you recover. Full unrestricted sports activities usually resume within 4 – 6 weeks.

Expected Result

It is anticipated that you will notice immediate improvement in your breasts after the surgery. The final result will be evident to you within one month after the surgery, once all the swelling has subsided.

These are photos of Dr. Thoma’s patients. Written consent has been obtained to use them.